Get by with a Little Help from Your Friends

Prosthetic Care Group

Get by with a Little Help from Your Friends

Prosthetic Care Group

Through all of life’s ups and downs, the hardships and triumphs are made better with the support of our friends. Sometimes, in life, those hardships are even more difficult to endure, and we need to lean on those who care for us to help bolster our spirits as we navigate a difficult path. While our lifelong friends and family members are often our support system — that needn’t always be the case! We are pleased to offer our patients space and a place where they can share their experiences with like-minded people who have successfully traveled down the same road. Our Friends Group can produce hope and open up new possibilities for those living with amputations or limb differences.

What Can I Expect From the Friends Group?

Prosthetic Group
Prosthetic Group

✅ A Listening Ear

✅ Connection

✅ Socialization

✅ Empowerment

Sometimes there is no substitution for chatting with someone who has had the same lived experience as you. The members of our Friends Group are all individuals who have lived with amputation for at least 12 months or have been born with a limb difference. A listening ear from someone who understands your experience can bring a lot of comfort.

Our Friends Group interactions are supportive, yet casual, and can range from phone calls, video calls, in-person meets, and outings. We know that friendship can grow out of the shared experience, and it is healthy for recovery to have an ear to bend that understands the recovery process and what you may be going through.

The Friends Group empowers its members by hearing and seeing the success stories of others who have had a similar journey with amputation — providing demonstrable proof that life post-amputation can be happy, healthy, and active. With the confidence gained from participating in the Friends Group, we don’t doubt you will want to pay it forward when you feel ready!

Prosthetic Group
Prosthetic Group

We understand what it is like to live with an amputation or limb difference — and we can connect you with others who understand the same! If you feel you need to chat and have someone listen, we can provide you with a supportive and empathetic experience that can help support you in your recovery — Friends Group provides just that.

Enhance your physical and emotional well-being through healthy, casual conversations with like-minded people! Connect with others, share your story, and join the community! Our compassionate and knowledgeable team knows how to best support you in your recovery post-amputation.
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