From Lower Leg Loss to Walking Again — My Journey

From Lower Leg Loss to Walking Again -- My Journey

From Lower Leg Loss to Walking Again — My Journey

From Lower Leg Loss to Walking Again -- My Journey

Regardless of how it occurs, experiencing limb loss is a traumatic experience. But, it is possible to adapt, adjust, and move forward with independence when you have the collective support of loved ones and professionals who care about your recovery and are there with you throughout your journey. This inspiring story from one of our patients is a lovely example:

My story started on the morning of October 7th, 2019. It was a day that changed my life. I was involved in a car accident that resulted in a right above-knee amputation. When they say some things can happen so fast and change the direction of your life — it is true.

From Lower Leg Loss to Walking Again — My Journey
From Lower Leg Loss to Walking Again

As I was healing, I still needed to see my orthopedic surgeon. In January of 2020, I asked if there was any way of getting either a free or low-cost prosthetic to work toward becoming mobile again. The surgeon’s office referred me to Josh, who worked with South Beach Prosthetics. We connected and talked for a while — I explained to Josh what had happened to me. I told him what I had been through and the challenges I was facing now. Josh was very nice; he listened to everything and told me he would do what he could to get a prosthetic leg for me. I was not too sure what would happen next.

Within a week, I received a call back from Josh, who told me that I was approved and had an appointment in the Sebring office. That is where I met Mark; still, at that point, I did not know what it meant that I was approved. Mark then told me I was getting a prosthetic leg; I could hardly believe it! He sent me home that day with a plunger leg to practice on and wanted me to come to the Davie office the following week to try out some prosthetic legs.

The first day I walked again since my accident was in the Davie office on February 12th, 2020 — four months after my amputation. I have not stopped walking since. Mark and his staff have been great and there with me every step of the way.

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Author: George Davis, Lakeland, FL


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