Prosthetic Providers and Dog Trainers Make Magic Happen in South Florida.


Prosthetic Providers and Dog Trainers Make Magic Happen in South Florida.

Amazing things happen when a community collaborates. You may see the small acts of kindness that individuals do for one another every day. And when it is two (or more!) businesses that come together — it can change someone’s world. We’re proud to be able to bring you an example.

PR Web recently published one such inspiring, extraordinary story. South Beach Prosthetics (South Beach Prosthetics) is a prosthetics provider for amputees across Florida. They are not only the leaders in prosthetic technology and advanced prosthetics, but they are also leaders in putting their heart into their work.Pair this business with another like-minded, remarkable company — AlphA and Omega Dog Training, and you have the recipe for the life-changing story of Carl Anderson. Carl connected with South Beach Prosthetics after a traumatic experience that left him with a below-the-knee amputation. Instead of just getting
treatment for amputation, as expected, Carl received so much more.

Incredible things can happen when people and businesses entertain opportunities to work together. PR web displayed one such miraculous, feel-good outcome when South Beach Prosthetics and AlphA and Omega Dog Training did just that. Here’s the story.


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