8 Ways to Feel More Empowered in Your Life

Empowered in Your Life

8 Ways to Feel More Empowered in Your Life

Empowered in Your Life

We know that if you’re visiting us, you’ve had something major happen in your life. And that comes with a whole bucket — or swimming pool! — of challenges. 

Depression and fear and worry can abound. We have a peer support group that you might find very helpful (people who have been where you are), and therapy to move through the roughest parts of processing can be everything – but if it’s just a boost and some ways to feel more empowered, this simple list might offer you some simple inspiration that can make a difference in your day. Call us if we can connect you with our peer support group at 855.958.1777.

We’ve all been there. We feel stuck by feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy. These feelings overwhelm us, leaving us feeling unempowered, out of control, and even hopeless. Although these feelings are just a part of the human condition, there are many things that you can do to get out of that slump and feel more empowered in your life.

Most of the tips below can be done immediately. There’s no need to wait to get out of the negativity and into a more positive and powerful mindset. Next time you are feeling less-than, practice a few of these techniques for increasing your positive energy and creating a sense of self-assurance and confidence.

Positive Affirmations

When you are struggling with negative self-talk, you can immediately flip the script by changing your thoughts and words. By choosing words that are positive and encouraging, you will bring more of that to your life. Words are powerful and can change your mindset in an instant.

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Take Action and Finish Something

Do something- anything! Even if it’s a small action, the impact will be the same. Accomplish something today that makes you feel like you’ve made progress in the right direction. It can be as simple as sending an email, finishing a book, or doing your laundry.

Challenge the Negative Thoughts

If you find yourself in comparison mode, decide to challenge the negative thoughts that are arising. Ask yourself if what you’re thinking is really true. Search for actual evidence that your thoughts are legitimate. Most likely you will find that they are not.

Take Care of Yourself

Taking care of yourself almost guarantees that you can show up more fully in your life and for other people. Self-care can take on many different forms, so choose something that resonates with you. Try meditation, reading, or yoga. Or spoil yourself with a massage or other body treatment.

Connect with Others

If you are feeling isolated in your negativity, make a point to connect with others. Connection naturally increases feelings of belonging. Call a friend, go to a workout class, or set up a dinner with people who are positive and uplifting.

Get Clear on What You Want

Sometimes self-doubt can creep in because we don’t know exactly what we want for ourselves. Take time to think about where you want to be and what you want to accomplish. Journaling and vision boards are two popular techniques for gaining clarity on our goals.

Practice Gratitude

Being thankful for what we have and the innate gifts that we have been given is a surefire way to increase feelings of empowerment. Establish a daily gratitude practice by choosing three things you are thankful for each day.

Empowered in Your Life

Do Something You Love

When you are in your element, your positive energy rises. Do something you love to do, no matter if you’re good at it or not. Exercise, art, reading, or cooking – the options are endless.

We all have the ability to increase our feelings of happiness and empowerment even when we are feeling less than. Using the tips above can help you bust out of a slump and get back to a positive state of mind.

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