Why Choose Us?

As the premier orthotics and prosthetics provider in Florida, it is important to us that we provide our patients the best possible experience. There are three clear reasons to pick us over the competition:


1) FREE Home-Care to All Amputees Living in South Florida

We have fully mobile care teams that come to your home. 

For many amputees, mobility can be a problem, but we have it solved: we come to you! Our representatives service you at home. Additionally, we have statewide office coverage, so we are accessible from everywhere. 

mobile prosthetic at home care team florida

2)  Health Care Team Coordination

your physician, Your physical therapist, your home health care provider - even your family.  we coordinate your entire health care team. 

We are here for you. From the very first conversation, to the first appointment, dealing with the insurance, through the fitting, physical therapy and maintenance, our team maintains a steady communication with you to ensure you are never in the dark. We manage the process for you, so you can focus on getting back to life. 

communicate with my prosthetic team

3)  Cutting-Edge Technology

Your comfort and functionality is a matter of fit and quality of construction. Our fit and quality is the best around because we use the best imaging and manufacturing technology available. 

We use the latest digital imaging and prosthetic technology, to ensure your prosthetic is the best available and best fit possible. From laser guided testing, to 3-D printing, we stay on the cutting edge to make sure you get the best possible fit, in the shortest amount of time possible. 

top prosthetic manufacturing in florida