Team Manny

Team Manny

South Beach Prosthetics Friends!

Meet Manny!

Age: 57
Amputee since 2010
Amputation: RAKA

My story (The short version!): I hit my right fat toe on the corner of the door and it bruised and created a blood clot. Since I have Peripheral vascular disease as I was born with only 2 main arteries, a blood clot easily formed and my leg had to be amputated. Mark Selleck, CEO and owner of South Beach Prosthetics, donated my first leg to me 7 months after I lost it.

Why I like to support other amputees: I like to support other amputees because I love helping other people and showing them that they must put in the work to get the results!

Someone I admire and why is: My close friend Carlos who is sort of like a stepson to me. He plays travel basketball for the NWBA and even went to Europe to play professional basketball in a wheelchair.

A skill or talent most people might not know about me (until now!) is: I used to play professional basketball for the NWBA and was on the Miami Heat Wheels team and we even became the National Champions in 2015. I also play softball! I like to call myself — “Handicappable” 🙂

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