Team Alan

Team Alan

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Meet Alan !

Age: 65
Amputee since 2008
Amputation: RBKA

My story (The short version!): I had limb loss due to sepsis and was laid up for a year battling the consequences of it. Once I recovered and retired from the real estate field,  I went back to school to learn how to counsel fellow amputees.

Why I like to support other amputees: Through South Beach Prosthetics, I have the ability to reach fellow amputees and help them adjust to their new normal. This has been the most rewarding thing in my life. (Except for meeting and marrying my incredible wife!)

Why I like to support other amputees: It’s like watching a rose blossom…from a tight bud, to a beautiful flower with its incredible fragrance. I meet my fellow amputees at a low point — either in the hospital pre or post-amputation. I then follow and support them (including their caregivers) and will educate them until they are back on their life journey prior to limb loss. Then I will continue to follow them on their journey, providing support and help along their future path.

Someone I admire and why is:  I don’t admire any individual,  I admire all of my fellow limb-loss family. And yes I consider Limb Loss Persons my family. You have to admire our struggle to persevere, overcome, and move forward. It doesn’t matter to what degree we regain our prior abilities — it’s that we tried.

A skill or talent most people might not know about me (until now!) is: If I had to isolate a skill, it’s to communicate and put people to ease. Teach… Motivate… Console…

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