A Story Of Inspiration And Collaboration

A Story Of Inspiration And Collaboration

September 15, 2022

A Story Of Inspiration And Collaboration

January 12th, 2010, marked a day of devastation for Haitians when a 7.0 magnitude earthquake turned thousands of homes, schools, and entire communities into rubble. Over 100,000 people lost their lives, and almost 3 million were affected by the disaster.

Keeping The Faith

After the devastating earthquake, over 4,000 people sustained injuries that required
amputations. Not only did they have to learn to live with limb loss, but they also faced
an ingrained social stigma that marginalized and ostracized the disabled population,
making integration and acceptance almost impossible. Twelve years later, the road
to economic, structural, and physical recovery has been long, but some brilliant
victories and successes continue manifesting hope and marking forward movement.

For The Love Of Sport

Haiti is a country that loves football (or soccer, as the western world knows it).
Whether as a participant, or a spectator, the sport brings communities and people
together in a way few other activities can. Dr. Fred Sorrell is President of the
International Institute of Sport and Founder of Operation Go Quickly, a non-profit
organization that serves to assist people with disabilities in less economically
developed countries worldwide. Fred saw the potential of amputee soccer in Haiti to
rouse spirits, foster hope, and create camaraderie and acceptance — and amassed
and now manages a Haitian National Amputee Soccer team that will be attending its
fourth World Cup in Turkey this October!

When Good Things Get Better

Prosthetic technology and support are poorly lacking in Haiti, and many amputees
live with ill-fitting devices or no prosthesis at all. Enter Mark Selleck, owner of South
Beach Prosthetics. Upon hearing about the team of amputee players
from one of his employees, Mark promptly invites the athletes to his facility to
custom-fit and donate prostheses to the team while they are in Florida! South Beach
OP has the latest and best prosthetic technology, and his team of experts put it to
good use for the Haitian National Amputee Soccer athletes. Prosthetic innovations
like 3D printing make it possible to manufacture a prototype device that is a perfect
fit in a matter of hours where it once would have taken days or weeks. The team will
walk out of the facility with a comfortable, unique-to-them prosthesis and continue to
inspire, foster hope, and persevere — and hopefully win the World Cup in Turkey this

The Haitian National Amputee Soccer team needs more support to make it to
the World Cup. If you would like to help them get there, here is how:
Supporters’ GoFundMe fundraiser:

Other tax-deductible donation options:
1. Operation Go Quickly accepts donations online.
2. Zelle – fredsorrells1@yahoo.com
3. Check:
Operation Go Quickly
4736 Bryant Irvin Rd #702
Ft. Worth TX 76132


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