Doctors VIP Faq

Doctors VIP Faq

Doctor VIP Access: FAQ's

As the leading manufacturer and provider of prosthetics in Florida, South Beach Prosthetics is committed to ensuring superior care, specialized and harmonized training, and the latest technology and innovation for all our patients. We believe the in-home care, no-cost transportation services, and perfect-fit prosthetics we provide are vital to a positive and supportive recovery and rehabilitation.

We are pleased to further support our patients on their journey to independence through community collaboration, as our services benefit other medical professionals and community partners; and their patients. We appreciate your interest in working with us! Please see below the most frequently asked questions of others in your field, and we look forward to taking the following steps together with you!

FAQ for Doctors

We are a prosthetics company that goes the extra mile through our multidisciplinary care. We provide no cost transportation services to patients — to and from medical and therapeutical appointments related to their limb loss. Including your offices so they can be seen! We also offer great support groups, in-home care, and the 'perfect fit' — customized prosthetics to reduce falls and enhance comfort. We have locations throughout South Florida - and you'll find we work hard to make a difference with our care and communication.

I want to refer South Beach Prosthetics for my patients and have them use its no-cost transportation services. What is next?

To be a partner of South Beach Prosthetics, fill in this form or call 877-211-5599 (Alan Warman)

Are there any benefits for doctors who refer South Beach Prosthetics to their patients?

South Beach Prosthetics offers no-cost transportation for all patients to medical and therapy appointments related to their prosthetic or limb loss, reducing costs to the doctors and their facilities by ensuring patients get to their sessions on time and consistently.

What kinds/models/types of prosthetics does South Beach Prosthetics work with?

South Beach Prosthetics works with all upper & lower extremity prosthetics. Our laser-guided testing and 3D printing technology provide the perfect fitting and optimal comfort.

Does South Beach Prosthetics also transport accompanying persons? How about service pets?

Yes. We believe that supporting family members, friends, and service animals is essential for the patient’s wellbeing and inclusion.

What appointments are covered by the no-cost transportation services?

Even after getting their prosthetics, amputee patients must have extra care with their health, which is why our no-cost transportation service covers any physician and therapy appointments related to the prosthetic or limb loss.

Is the no-cost transportation a lifelong benefit for amputee patients?

Yes. All patients under the care of South Beach Orthotics & Prosthetics can use the transportation services.

What areas are covered by the transportation services? What is the longest distance your transportation vehicles are willing to drive?

All Florida territory from Key West to Titusville is covered by our transportation service.
South Beach has 5 locations: Miami, Davie, Stuart, Sebring, Lakeland, St Pete, Bradenton, Tampa, and we can drive your patients within 50 miles of any of our offices. Check here the exact location of each office.

Can one of my patients call 1 hour before needing a ride or must it be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance?

Transportation services should be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance. In case of emergencies, call us at (888) 819-4721, and we will do our best to help your patients.

What is the Proactive Amputee Continuity of Treatment Program?

The program consists of regular well-check visits to our amputee patients by our patient care team to identify the need for a new vascular intervention at an early stage, making sure that patients see their doctors and start their treatment accordingly. 

How to enroll my amputee patients in the Proactive Amputee Continuity of Treatment Program?

All you have to do is email our Healthcare Coordinator at or sign up here.

Is there any additional cost to either the doctors or patients to enroll in the Proactive Amputee Continuity of Treatment Program?

No, South Beach Prosthetics’s goal is to provide our patients with quality of life, and this goes beyond providing prostheses. The program is our way to ensure that our patients are healthy and thriving.

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